Deloraine - fantasy and pagan music

Deloraine is a group of 6 musicians from Brno formed in 2016.  In their songs they are working with fantasy literature themes as well as with pagan mythology. Deloraine so far released 2 albums, The Swallow and The Heart of Stone, which were very well accepted by fans and critics.


​Their live performances are really passionate and energetic. You can hear the strong voice and mysterious tones of flutes of our Siberian singer Máša, rich baritones of our singer Spars, Derias’s artillery of string instruments, wild violin and drums of our drummer and violinist in one person, David and booming of an instruments of our bass player Kuba. Everything with powerful choral singing.

Deloraine are playing at a lot of types of events, from open air festivals to very well attended concerts in clubs to pagan and metal concerts. They excel with their acoustic, but brisk music even there.  It doesn’t matter if they play a short festival set or all-evening concert, because they can’t get tired on stage. They played their first European tour in autumn 2019 (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Belgium, Poland and Hungary) and also shared stage with Faun or Percival.


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