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Review of "The Heart of Stone" on Metal Forever 9,5/10

Review of "The Heart of Stone" on - 9/10

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Review of The Swallow on  - 9/10

Review of The Swallow on - 9/10

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Review of The Swallow on  - 8/10

Thanks to all reviewers and websites that mentioned us!

"The Swallow is an atmospheric invitation to the famous world of the silver-haired monster killer, which will enchant and engulf you by humming individual songs long after listening to the album, but you will also be happy to invite them to read the book The Witcher or play games."



"The album "The Swallow"combines several different worlds, which will surely find fans across genres, whether musical or fantastic. It also shows various creative methods and experiments, which the Czech music scene would definitely deserve more. The variability of individual songs then forms a varied color, which is definitely not boring. "


(XB-1 Magazine) "

"It's called "Ragnarok" and it's the mocst epic song from the band's repertoire. Exotic arrangements and atmospheric choral singing are impressive. A good choice is also a thematic turn from "The Witcher" to the waters of Norse mythology, which is not quite common in our region."



"Deloraine managed to record his debut very well. Original, playful, technically almost perfect, imaginatively creative and thematically novel." The Swallow "is a must-listento for all fans of the fantasy world and folk groups ..."


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