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You can listen to our new songs  HERE

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You can listen Deloraine on Spotify and iTunes!

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About us

Deloraine - fantasy and pagan acoustic music

From their very beginning since 2017 Deloraine play famous fantasy and medieval melodies in their own emotive Czech versions. Then they were enchanted by Witcher world and they felt the need to create their own songs. Their debut album The Swallow, that was released in April 2018, has 9 their own songs and 5 the most favorite covers and it’s based just on that universe. The Swallow is enthusiastically accepted by audience and critics throughout genres. 


​Their live performances are really passionate and energetic. You can hear the strong voice and mysterious tones of flutes of our Siberian singer Máša, rich baritones of our singer Spars, Derias’s artillery of string instruments, wild violin and drums of our drummer and violinist in one person, David and booming of an instruments of our bass player Kuba. Everything with powerful choral singing.

Deloraine played at a lot of types of events, from medieval and fantasy festivals to concerts in clubs to pagan and metal concerts. They excel with their acoustic, but brisk music even there.  It doesn’t matter if they play a short festival set or all-evening concert, because they can’t get tired on stage. They played their first European tour in autumn 2019 (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Belgium, Poland and Hungary). 



15.02.2020 - Ostrava, Barrák 

29.02.2020 - Music Club Alfa, Sokolov 

10.04.2020 - Blavicon 2020

17.04.2020 - Praha, MeetFactory with band Percival 

18.04.2020 - Brno, Fleda with band Percival 

02.05.2020 - Pevnostcon, Praha 

06.06.2020 - Festival Radosti a Života pod Pálavou

08.08.2020 - Rockové sady, Kraslice 



European Tour with Lagerstein band

28.08.2019 - Munich, Backstage München (DE)

29.08.2019 - Bielsko-Biala, Rudeboy Club (PL)

30.08.2019 - Warsaw, VooDoo Club (PL)

31.08.2019 - Prague, Nová Chmelnice (CZ)

01.09.2019 - Prague, Brix Bar & Hostel (CZ)

02.09.2019 - Ostrava, Barrák Music Club (CZ)

07.09.2019 - Brno, Melodka, (CZ)

09.09.2019 - Budapest, S8 Underground Club (HU)

10.09.2019 - Krakow, Klub Zaścianek (PL)

11.09.2019 - Bratislava, Kulturák klub (SK)

12.09.2019 - Oberhausen, Helvete Pub - Club (DE)

13.09.2019 - Berlin, Hangar 49 (DE)

14.09.2019 - Hamburg, Bambi Galore (DE)

15.09.2019 - Ghent, Jeugdhuis Asgaard (BE)

06.09.2019 - Špilberk Castle (CZ)

02.08.2019 - Helmáč (CZ)

03.08.2019 - Orava Alternative, Františkova huta (SK)

20.07.2019 - Keltská noc, Plumlov (CZ)

15.06.2019 - The Battle of the Five Armies (CZ)

22.06.2019 - Prague, Meet Factory (with Faun) (CZ)

23.06.2019 - Dobrzen Wielki, (PL)

26.04.2019 - Beltine, Brno, Melodka Club (CZ)

17.05.2019 - Hodonín, Nautilus Club (CZ)

25.05.2019 - PevnostCon, Prague (CZ)

19.02.2019 - Bucovina album release tour, Praha, Vagon Club (CZ)

16.02.2019 - Heathen Assault, Melodka Club, Brno (CZ)

14.12.2018. - The Longest Night with Deloraine, Prague, Nová Chmelnice Club (CZ)

15.12.2018 - Noc Vlkov, Námestovo (SK)

07.12.2018 - Nejdelší noc s Deloraine, Brno, Melodka Club (CZ)

27.10.2018 - Folk Metal Pilgrims, Ostrava, Barráka Club (CZ)

22.09.2018 - Parish Fair in Kbely, Prague (CZ)

08.09.2018 - Wedding (private event) (CZ)

25.08.2018 - Folk Metal Fest, Tišnov (CZ)

25.08.2018 - Castle celebrities in Polná Castle (CZ)

18.08.2018 - Fantasy wedding (private event) (CZ)

11.08.2018 - The Battle of Jemnice (CZ)

04.08.2018 - The Day of Muses, Cimburk Castle (CZ)

03.08.2018 - Helmáč (CZ)

21.07.2018 - Keltská noc, Plumlov (CZ)

26.05 2018 - Fencing in Hradčany, Hradčany u Tišnova (CZ)

21.04.2018 - Beltinefest, Brno, Melodka Club (CZ)

14.04.2018 - Blavicon - The Council of Kings, Tábor (CZ)

23.12.2017 - The Longest Night with Deloraine, Melodka Club, Brno (CZ)

20.10.2017 - Nová Chmelnice, Praha (with Silent Stream of Godless Elegy) (CZ)

23.09.2017 - Exhibition and open air festival One Tribe, Špilberk Castle, Brno (CZ)

16.09.2017 - Tournament in Hradec (CZ)

17.06.2017 - Five-Petalled Rose Celebrations, Český Krumlov (CZ)

03.06.2017 - Cimburk Castle (private event) (CZ)

27.05.2017 - The Battle of the Five Armies (CZ)      

29.04.2017 - Historical Festival Libušín (CZ)   

29.03.2017 - Blavicon (CZ)

Our Music

Deloraine - Album The Swallow


In spring 2018 we released our first album The Swallow, inspired by the Witcher universe. You can buy it in our “Merchandise” page and support us or buy it at some of digital providers (Google Play, iTunes, etc.). You can listen to it on Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer.

Deloraine - Yennefer


New, epic video clip about the One Geralt loves… Hair in the color of raven wings, violet eyes and lilac scent... And Geralt, Triss, fights, passion and other things you can expect from the Witcher universe. 

Deloraine - The Swallow

Our new video clip The Swallow, placed into picturesque landscape of Vysočina in Czech Republic. The pagan story full of spring, loving desire, marked by cruel fate… But while there's life, there's hope.

Deloraine - Dragobor (Sons of Skyrim cover)

​It’s cover version of our favorite Skyrim, as a duet with hosting singer Spars. During our vacation on Iceland, we shot a video for it. It’s placed into desolated, wild and magic mountains of “The Land of Ice and Fire”.

Priscilla's Song -  Czech version


It was a lukewarm spring evening of 2016, when Derias and Lori translated lyrics of the song “The Wolven Storm”, known from PC game The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt and Lori gave this song the touching melody by her catchy voice.

Deloraine - Vargtimmen (Hedningarna cover)


Our first live video shot at One Tribe Festival at Špilberk Castle. When we were translating this song and listening to the original version, we assumed that, according to the title, it’s classical nordic lyrics about discharging the stray Christian missionaries by a Viking combat unit somewhere in the north of Norway. But oops, it’s totally about something else - “about love”, like Lori says. So… We translated it like this.

Deloraine - Steel for Human (Percival cover)

We love the soundtrack for the game The Witcher 3. We couldn’t leave out this song because of it. So let’s dance, sing and enjoy it!

Deloraine - Samhain

The Czech cover of the song All Souls Night by Loreena McKennitt. It’s shot during our wandering through the Caucasus.

Deloraine - Fotovideos

Deloraine - Zaklínač (Witcher´s Song)


The complete gallery you can find on our Facebook.

Social Media

Visit us also on our social media:

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Contact us

Are you interested in our performance or any question? Write to us. 

E-mail:     deloraine@email.cz

Website:   www.deloraine.cz

Phone numbers:

+420 605 011 593 (Kristýna, band manager)

+420 731 938 493 (Derias)

+420 778 010 255 (David, technical questions)


© 2018 by Lori

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